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When you hire an experienced team of professional landscapers, you will save time and money on all of your outdoor maintenance costs. Nobody achieves the level of long-lasting quality that we do on all our customers yards. Our team is most likely already hard at work in your neighborhood, no matter where your house is located. Contact us today to get the best options in comprehensive lawn care.

Having a beautiful and well-maintained lawn is one of the best ways to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Achieving this goal, however, requires regular maintenance and upkeep that can be time consuming and labor intensive. Our Professional Lawn Care Services can help you keep your lawn looking its best with minimal effort on your part.

From mowing and edging to fertilizing and weed control, we provide an array of services designed to keep your lawn healthy and attractive year-round. We offer specialized programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual property. These plans are developed based upon factors such as climate conditions, soil type, vegetation type, local pests or diseases present in the area, water availability or restrictions on irrigation use. At Artisan Touch we also understand which types of grasses grow best in different parts of town so they can recommend varieties that will thrive in your specific location. With our expertise and guidance you’ll have a lush green lawn that stands up against even the harshest weather conditions without having to spend all day tending it yourself!

weekly lawn care
shrub trimming
tree shrub fertilization

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