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The fastest way to forget your hard water problems is with a high-quality water softener in Pflugerville. Water softeners make hard water soft by chemically replacing the unwanted minerals with sodium ions. As hard water flows through resin beads found in the best water softener brands, the minerals are replaced with sodium ions, forcing them out of the hard water.

This continuous process causes hard water to become soft. At AWS, we’re a trusted water softener equipment supplier. We only carry quality products to guarantee superior performance. No matter how hard your water is, we have the perfect solution to ensure your home is supplied with soft water.

Water Softener Installation Costs

If you’re looking to buy water softener, the following factors affect the price of water softeners.

Size Of Softener

Water softeners with the same size and features generally cost the same to install. So, what size water softener will you require? This will depend on the size of your home and how much water your household uses daily. For instance, a family living in a 4-bedroom house will typically use more water and require a bigger softener compared to a person staying in a one-bedroom apartment. At AWS, our experts can recommend the exact size of water softener you need.

Type Of Water Softener

There are various kinds of water softeners. While most use salt, some are salt-free. Additionally, some systems have timed regeneration, others do it manually, and still, others regenerate only as required. There’s also the option of purchasing a softener with one or two tanks. Basically, the more advanced your softener is, the higher the price tag.


Fittings and pipes are needed when installing a water softening unit. Such accessories raise the cost of installation. And if you’re upgrading your equipment, chances are you’ll spend more on installing extra fittings.

Plumbing System

How extensive is your plumbing system? Is it large and intricate? If so, you might require a special system during installation, which adds to the total cost of a softener. At the same time, installers will inspect your plumbing to determine its state. If it’s suffered damage due to hard water and can’t withstand another beating, you may have to spend more to purchase a more sophisticated softener.

Areas Of Your House To Be Served

You’ll need to decide if you want a softener that will serve sections of your home or your entire house. For some people, their main concern is the kitchen. If you only want to soften water in your kitchen, a unit can be installed under your kitchen sink. On the other hand, if you’re keen on making sure your entire house is supplied with soft water, you’ll need a more robust system. Again, the bigger your water softener is, the more costly it’ll be.

Say Goodbye To Hard Water

Are you looking for a lasting solution to your hard water challenges? Our water softener in Pflugerville can soften your water and ensure an on-demand supply of better-quality water. At AWS, we provide cutting-edge water softener systems designed to turn any kind of hard water into soft water. And, you can be sure that our water softener prices are affordable. Get a free estimate: https://www.alamowatersofteners.com/?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbCIsIm9wdGlvbnMiOnsicm9vbUtleSI6InNhbGVzIn19.

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